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"Life's a journey, not a destination" Or is the destination the journey itself?

Moab offers many different activities from world class mountain biking to spectacular hiking, canyoneering and rock climbing to river rafting to skiing - the list goes on and on. That's why we love it here.

What better way to see a remote area near Moab than to combine a few of these activities into one - these days, people are calling it "bikerafting". Desert Highlights has offered the "Pedal, Paddle, Pedal" tour since 2010 when we bought our first fleet of Alpacka Packrafts and mountain bikes. These boats have changed the way we see our backyard. All of a sudden, so much was possible!

Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River is just upstream of the boundary with Canyonlands National Park and it's one of the most spectacular sections of river around. Most folks put in at Ruby Ranch and spend many days and nights reaching this deep, red rock canyon.

For us, with the use of some fancy gear (mountain bikes and packrafts) we are able to enter the gut of Labyrinth Canyon without spending a night out. Of course, we have nothing against spending a night out on the river (in fact, we love it) but we understand that most visitors don't have the time.

Packrafts are one-person, inflatable boats that weigh about 5 pounds and roll up to the size of a tent. They are easily strapped to the front of a bike, a 4-piece paddle and PFD (Personal Floatation Device) are stowed in your backpack and before you know it, you're on the bike and on your way to the river.

Once at the river, you blow up your boat with an inflation bag, strap your bike to the front and hop in! It's quite the scene - other boaters (if you even see any at all) marvel at your set up and wonder what in the world you're doing. Who knew bikes and boats could be combined to see some of the most beautiful terrain in such a remote setting? And in one day? How did we get so lucky? We didn't. We got creative!

Multi-sport adventures like this are our favorite. Combining tools to access remote terrain is so rewarding. From the first thought of "ooh - how can we get out there?" to the scheming and mapping, planning the route, gathering the gear, to heading out the door and making it all happen. We genuinely enjoy every step of the way.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Life is a journey, not a destination". What if the destination is the journey itself?

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