Beat the Heat in Pleiades Canyon!

Summer is here and temps are hitting triple digits these days in the Moab Valley. Long story short, it's HOT! Along with many other places, Moab is in a very severe drought - so dry that Pleiades Canyon, our go-to summer getaway, is completely dry. In normal conditions we're rappelling through several waterfalls to make our way through, and we haven't seen this canyon without flowing water in the 20+ years that we've been guiding. That's not stopping us from having a good time in there! We're still guiding Pleiades and it's a beautiful canyon. At 9,000 feet, it's a great way to get out of the hot Moab Valley for a day and see some different terrain. It's not often that you get to experience a slight chill in the desert in the middle of summer. Bring a layer!

With the absence of water, you can actually see the rock and how it's been carved by water over hundreds of thousands of years. You can see the beautiful bright green moss and lichens that are normally covered by the rushing flow of cold water. You can visit this canyon without the heavy load of neoprene wetsuits and bulky canyoneering shoes. Although rappelling through waterfalls is the big draw for most folks, we think it's quite special to see this canyon in a completely new way!


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